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Just a reminder that college and/or scholarship applications should be 100% complete when they are turned in at the Guidance Office. Students are responsible for meeting application deadlines.

How to get the college applications: Students are responsible for securing the application. You may call, write, or email the college’s website for online applications. You can also check for applications in the Vocational Guidance Office. We have a supply of applications on file depending on what has been supplied to us by various colleges.
Complete (neatly) the application and bring it to Guidance with everything including the necessary application fee, essays, and outside letters of recommendation. The application should be brought to your guidance counselor at least two weeks before the college deadline.  It is your responsibility to meet college deadlines.
We will send everything (application, transcript, letters of recommendation, application fee, etc.) together. Please try to give your counselor the application and not mail it in yourself, and then ask us to send a transcript. This can cause confusion at the college’s Admissions Office by sending a transcript after the application . An exception to this rule would be if a college directs you to hand in your application in person during a visit. If you do apply in person, afterwards, follow the procedure below for on-line applications.
On-line Applications – notify the Guidance Office THE NEXT SCHOOL DAY after you apply. Students must provide a written address where transcript/letters of recommendation are to be sent.

Using the Common Application can be an easy one-step way to apply to several colleges by only completing one application. Over 227 colleges and universities use the Common Application. For more information, click here

updated 10/2/19 

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