Scheduling Information 2023-24

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Program of Studies 2023-24 (updated 9/21/23)
Program of Study 2023-24

Additional Scheduling Resources
  Pathways (updated 1/23/23)
  • A quick glance at High Point's commitment to providing the most comprehensive, integrated education for all students.

    Pathways with Recommended Program of Study (updated 1/23/23)
  • Chart your four-year sequence with a detailed look at our recommended programs of study for each pathway.

  •  Concurrent Enrollment Industry Certifications
    Concurrent Enrollment / Industry Certifications (updated 9/21/23)
  • Looking to earn college credit or industry certification at High Point? Here are the courses to take.

    Department of Technological Studies Program of Study (updated 1/9/23)
  • Take a Closer Look at the Offerings of High Point's Award Winning Department of Technological Studies

    Program of Study 2027 9th Grade Program of Studies (updated 1/23/23)
  • A program of study specifically for incoming 9th grade students.

  •  Electives Elective Courses (updated 1/31/23)
  • Take a peek at our elective courses through Flipgrid!

  • Course Selection Sheets
    Class of 2024 (updated 2/8/23)
    Class of 2025 (updated 1/30/23)
    Class of 2026 (updated 1/30/23)
    Class of 2027 (updated 1/30/23)

    Graduation Requirement Checklists
    Class of 2024 (verified 1/26/22)
    Class of 2025 (verified 1/26/22)
    Class of 2026 (verified 1/26/22)
    Class of 2027 (updated 1/26/22)

    Enrichment Opportunities - Applications
    Work Experience - Application for Senior Enrichment (updated 2/15/23)
    Student Internship Application (updated 3/8/23)
    External Internship (updated TBA)
    College Coursework (updated TBA)

    Appeal of Placement Form
    Appeal of Placement Form (updated 2/13/23)

    8th Grade Open House Presentations
    STEM (updated 1/5/23)
    Humanities (updated 1/9/23)
    Performing Arts Department Video (updated 2/1/22)
    Athletics and Extra-Curriculars (updated 1/21/22)

    8th Grade Scheduling Contacts
    Courtney Delaney, Supervisor of Pupil Personnel Services ext. 1308 ([email protected])
    Brian Drelick, Supervisor of STEM ext. 1329 ([email protected])
    Jacqueline McCarthy, Supervisor of Humanities ext. 1232 ([email protected])
    Leah Marrocco, Administrative Assistant to Guidance Office ext. 1280 ([email protected])

    updated 9/21/23 
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