Student Council

Welcome to the High Point Student Council page.  This page is still under construction and will be designed to fit all student council needs.  Below is the Student Council Constitution.  Feel free to read at your leisure and check back often for more updates.



The council shall consist of the executive officers, the class officers and the representatives. Each class shall elect one representative for twenty-five members in the class.

Section I - Registration

Each year a time period will be established for registration. Generally, registration will be in the spring prior to elections. Official registration books will be used to record the names.

Section II - Election Schedule

Generally, the months of May and September will be used to conduct elections. The spring elections will be executive officers, class officers, class reps. The fall elections will be class officers, class reps.

Section I - Executive Officers

A. The President shall:
1.  Preside over all executive, general and special meetings.
2. Appoint all committees and chairpersons.
3. Be directly responsible for all council activities.
4. Have the power to veto according to parliamentary procedure.

B. The Vice President shall:
1. Replace the president whenever assigned to do so.
2. Enforce all committee assignments.
3. Coordinate all class activities.

C. The Speaker shall:
1. Preside in the absence of the president and vice president.
2. Act as liaison to Board of Education.
3. Assist the other officers when necessary.

D. The Secretary shall:
1. Keep accurate records and attendance of all meetings.
2. Provide accurate minutes for each meeting.
3. Chair the election committee.

E. The Treasurer shall:
1. Be responsible for all finances and financial records.
2. Submit monthly reports to the council.
3. Chair all concession and fund raising projects.

Section II - Student Reps

A. Attend all meetings as deemed necessary.
B. Give a homeroom report as scheduled.
C. Represent all opinions of the homeroom; however, the rep is NOT bound to vote for the majority opinions of the homeroom.
D. Provide positive leadership and actively serve on committees.

Section III - Class Officers And Reps

A. Attend all meetings as deemed necessary.
B. Participate actively in all class projects and activities.

Section IV - Requirements

In order to run or serve as an officer or representative a student must:

A. Be in good standing academically and behaviorally.
B. Be a registered student voter.


Student council meetings are scheduled weekly on a rotating basis period 1, 2, 3, etc. Officers and reps are excused from class to attend the meetings. However, each member has the responsibility of checking with his teacher and is responsible for any work missed. The teacher may refuse permission to the rep to attend the meeting. All members must realize that schoolwork comes first.

Class meetings are scheduled as needed and are generally held after school. If an officer or rep is involved in another activity, i.e. sports, play, etc., the members are still expected to attend part of the meeting. All coaches and advisors are to work together supporting this concept.

If a member is unable to attend a council meeting, class meeting, or committee meeting, it is the member's responsibility to inform the advisor in writing. The secretary or designee will keep accurate records of attendance. Missed meetings without proper notice will count as an unexcused absence. If a member has more than two unexcused absences, removal procedures will begin.


The following powers are given to the council by the administration and will remain as long as these powers are used reasonably and intelligently.

A. The student council shall be the sole voice of the student body in all student concerns.
B. The Principal, Vice Principal and council shall coordinate all student activities that are designed to be under the jurisdiction of the council.
C. The council has the sole right to carry out and coordinate concessions at all school related functions.
D. The council may remove any executive officer, class officer, or rep according to the Constitution. Removal by the council requires a 2/3 vote; the impeached shall have no vote. The class may remove an officer, or rep which requires a 2/3 vote of the class council.
E. Any member of the class or council who is brought up for removal a?second time, the member is automatically removed.
F. Removal from council is construed as removal from the class & vice?versa.

Section I

An amendment may be proposed in the council. After initial discussion, the amendment is discussed in homeroom and brought back to council for final vote, which requires 2/3 approval. Amendments may also be proposed by the student body through petition with 50% signatures. Said proposals are then handled the same way as regular amendments ? discussion, homeroom, final approval, 2/3 vote.

Section II - Replacement Of Executive Officers/Class Officers/Reps

A. President - replaced by the vice president.
B. Other Officers - written application, speech, voted on by student council or class council.
C. Representatives - next person on the voting tabulation or at?large rep.

Section III - At Large Reps

Candidates must submit written statement of interest in position. At large reps must earn their way onto council adhering to the following requirements: attend 75% of all meetings, actively helps during homeroom periods, and actively serves on several committees. At large candidates will be evaluated in December, recommended by the executive committee and approved by council.

Section IV - Homecoming Queen

The senior boys will nominate at least five female candidates. The entire student body selects the Homecoming Queen.
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